Winter wedding

Winter Wedding Fairytale in White or Wedding Amidst Blooming Meadows?


A wedding is a major life event, so you can celebrate it in a unique natural environment with us. Crown your most important day amidst the mountains, at the highest-altitude wedding location in Slovenia. If you desire a different, unique, and unforgettable wedding in the heart of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, HOTEL KRVAVEC is the right choice.

Create your fairytale in a winter wonderland

When and Where?

Do you prefer a winter fairytale in white or a wedding amidst blooming meadows? On the sunny terrace of the highest-altitude hotel in Slovenia, you will be accompanied by the scent of blooming mountain herbs and the jingling of cowbells in summer, while in winter, you will be embraced by the elegant whiteness of snow. You can also have a church wedding at Krvavec, as there is an idyllic chapel with a wonderful view of the valley and Slovenia's highest peak.


As soon as you reserve a date for your wedding celebration with us, you can indulge in the pleasures of your most important day. We will take care of your decoration preferences and transport all guests to the venue on the wedding day, accommodate them in our Hotel Krvavec, and ensure a carefree celebration.


After the ceremony, the wedding celebration can continue at Hotel Krvavec. We tailor the wedding menu to individual preferences, including gourmet "slow food" indulgence or a true alpine feast.

Wedding Celebration and Wedding Night

Krvavec is an ideal place for a relaxed wedding atmosphere, where the festivities last until the early hours. We offer accommodation for all guests at favorable prices, so there is no time limit and unnecessary worries about a safe journey home, as they will be accommodated with a welcome in our highest-altitude hotel in Slovenia, Hotel Krvavec. The privileged position of the hotel allows you to celebrate your day undisturbed with a free night's stay in the wedding suite. The accommodation service also includes breakfast, where you can mingle with guests and enjoy delicious homemade food before continuing your day, full of impressions from the wedding celebration. The unique location, friendly staff, and indescribable power of nature surrounding the hotel will contribute to strengthening the bond between you and your family members and friends after this event.

Wedding Photography

The diverse nature offers a unique fairytale in every season, which will create unforgettable photos of your most important day. In winter, you won't be able to resist the view of snowy slopes and adorned conifers, while in summer, you will be captivated by the green slopes with blooming areas and a clear view of the valley with just the right climate. You can also hire a photographer from us, but you must inform us about this in advance.

Space Decoration and Bridal Bouquet

The mountain environment of Hotel Krvavec already creates a special atmosphere. With additional decoration, we will ensure that your wishes and visions for the wedding day are fully realized in the embrace of the magical Krvavec. The bridal bouquet also has a special symbolic meaning of a new beginning, originating from ancient Rome, representing the perfect finishing touch to every wedding ceremony. Therefore, our pleasant florist Marja will ensure that the bride's bouquet matches your style and radiates the power of the mighty mountain world with indigenous plants.

Why Wedding at Krvavec?

  • The beauty of the mountain world creates a special romantic atmosphere.
  • Wedding photos are truly special.
  • The stunning view will enchant you and your guests.
  • Guests can enjoy themselves outdoors in an authentic mountain environment.
  • The party can last late into the night, and guests and you can enjoy yourselves carefree, as overnight accommodation is available on-site. We offer everything in one place: ceremony, celebration, accommodation, catering. In the morning, you can crown your event with breakfast and reminisce about the past night while enjoying the wonderful view.
  • We can also organize a variety of outdoor activities, such as a picnic.
  • You will be welcomed by the Hotel Krvavec staff, who strive for homeliness, integrity, and professionalism.

You can send all your wishes and inquiries to +386 41 557 278 or [email protected].

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