Snow and Children's Park

Krvavec Ski Resort is a family ski resort suitable for all age groups


For the most enthusiastic lovers of ski slopes and adventurous challenges, we have ski jumps and facilities in the Snow Park that will certainly not leave you indifferent.

The snow park at Krvavec is an excellent choice for performing tricks and jumps on ski jumps for both skiers and snowboarders.

Beginner's Poligon Gospinca

The Gospinca Poligon is the most suitable playground for beginners for children and beginner skiers where the youngest can try out their first ski turns under the guidance of licensed ski instructors.

Next to the polygon is the Winter Sports School with a reception. Nearby (upper station of the cable car) there is also a service and rental of ski equipment. The offer for children and beginners on this part of the ski slope is complemented by the children's ski lift Luža, which belongs to it according to the difficulty of a light ski slope. It is located at the lower part of the Krvavec ski slope near the upper station of the cable car.

Children's ski lift Luža

The Luža ski lift provides ideal conditions for teaching the youngest skiers and beginner skiers, as the low difficulty of the slope is suitable for the first independent ride on the snowy slope under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Ski School and Equipment Rental for Children

The first contact with snow is of great importance for the youngest due to their sensitivity. Your little ones will be welcomed to Krvavec by experienced and fun teachers who will guide them through fun games into the wonderful world of skiing. We offer individual and group skiing courses led by experienced and licensed ski instructors. Without worry, even those who do not have their own skis can attend the courses, as we also offer ski equipment rental. You can accompany your little ones on their first descents or venture out on your own, to the numerous more demanding ski slopes of the best ski resort in Slovenia, the Krvavec ski resort.

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