Team building

Why Choose Krvavec?

Team Building

Krvavec is an exceptional mountain destination located in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and has been recognized as the Best Slovenian Ski Resort for many years. The nature here captivates visitors in every season. Stunning views, peace, and fresh mountain air, along with all the experiences the mountain offers, create an unforgettable experience for every individual.

Mountains Connect People

Living in the mountains requires good teamwork and collaboration, making such an environment an ideal setting for strengthening team spirit in a group. In the embrace of beautiful nature, you will feel connected to your surroundings, deepen relationships, and thereby strengthen the values of collaboration. Fundamental human values, which you will have the opportunity to reinforce in this idyllic environment, are a key factor in the success of every individual and company.

Hotel Krvavec

The highest-altitude hotel in Slovenia, Hotel Krvavec, is located at an altitude of 1600 meters and can provide comfortable accommodation for more than 70 guests. The alpine ambiance will enchant every hiker and provide maximum comfort with the most beautiful view of the valley, excellent coffee, and authentic Slovenian cuisine. The conference room, equipped with all the necessary equipment, the terrace overlooking the Kokra Valley, and the entertainment room offer excellent conditions for a well-balanced organization of a business event with a touch of fun.

Muštrinka Apartment House

In a small pine forest, just over 200 meters from Hotel Krvavec, is the Muštrinka Apartment House, which offers ideal accommodation for smaller groups (up to 16 people). In the attached wooden cabin called Jasl'ce, you can socialize in a relaxed atmosphere, gather for educational purposes, or simply enjoy a picnic outdoors with our culinary masters.

Team Building and Education

In our recreational tourist center, we offer a wide range of activities for active leisure time, fun socializing, exciting experiences during possible interactive education sessions, which can be organized in the premises of our hotel.


A visit to Krvavec is an exceptional experience for every individual, as we are characterized by an exceptional location, fresh mountain air, and personalized offer of our services, away from the hustle and bustle of the city in the heart of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Event Space

The RTC Krvavec team strives for the best preparation and organization of events of all kinds, which we adapt to the needs of clients and make maximum efforts for the comfort of our guests. Both outdoor and indoor spaces are available, offering privacy, technical equipment, and accommodating up to 40 participants. In our ranks, you will enjoy and relax in an enclosed environment with unforgettable views, delicious food, and excellent coffee.

Team Building Programs

In the past, you could also admire the beauty of our places in front of small screens. If you have marveled at the beauties and wondered where the scenes come from in front of the television screen, we provide you with the following references:

  • Movie: The Impossible with Naomi Watts
  • TV Shows: Na lepše, Sanjski Moški
  • Competition: Drone Racing Association - Krvavec

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Each group is treated individually with us, so you can rely on us for homeliness, a high level of integrity, and a professional approach.

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