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1. Recommendations for visitors

  • Check the weather and operating conditions of the ski resort BEFORE purchasing ski passes.
  • Check the daily info about the ski resort’s conditions on the internet page www.rtc-krvavec.si. This information includes data on current weather conditions, snow report, open slopes and any additional offers.
  • BEFORE DEPARTURE TO THE SLOPES, for the reasons of personal safety, check the panoramic ski resort photo on the information panel located at the lower or upper cable car station and the TV picture at the cashier’s desk and at the entrance to the cable car. Live TV picture can also be viewed on the internet site www.rtc-krvavec.si.
  • Be aware of the possibility of ski pass withdrawal in case of abuse.
  • Come to the ski resort in appropriate gear – appropriately set bindings on the skis, with sharpened ski edges and appropriate clothing, since parts of the ski resorts are situated in the high mountains.

2. Purchase and validity of ski passes

  • Ski passes can be bought at list prices in cash, with bank and credit cards (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, Diners) at the cashier’s desk at the lower and upper stations of the cable car.
  • Vouchers can be exchanged for a skipass at the ticket machine next to cashiers' office at the lower cable car station.
  • Ski passes with additional discounts (schools, groups, agencies) can be bought at cashiers’ desks at the lower cable car station.
  • Sale and inspection of the ski passes is managed by computerized registers and electronic readers. The visitors are obliged to register the ski pass at the electronic reader upon entering. The visitors are obliged to show the ski pass or the identification card to the authorised staff anytime or anywhere on the ski resort.

  • Please note that for the purpose of access control, a reference photo of the ski pass holder will be taken at the first pass of a turnstile fitted with a camera. This reference photo will be compared by the ski lift personnel to those photos that are taken on every further occasion of passing a turnstile fitted with a camera. The reference photo will be deleted upon expiry of the validity of the ski pass. Please note that it is also possible to purchase ski passes which are technically configured so that no photo will be taken when passing a turnstile, but in this case random checks by the lift personnel must be expected.

  • Ski passes are sold exclusively on keycards – wireless access cards that store your ski pass. It enables faster checks at the turnstiles. A deposit of 3 € is charged for the keycard which is reimbursed upon return of undamaged keycard. You can also keep the keycard and use it next time. During skiing keep keycard on your left side and have only one on your person at any one time. If you carry more than one keycard on you they may all be maked as used – in such cases we do not offer a refund.
  • When the ski resort is operating the ski pass claims are being resolved at the information office on the lower and upper station of the cable car Krvavec.
  • Damaged ski pass can only be replaced in case the validity of the ski pass can be checked optically or with electronic reader.
  • Replacement of damaged ski pass is made immediately with exception of the seasonal ski pass, which is issued 7 days after reporting the damage. The replacement is charged according to the price list.
  • Every ski pass has validity printed on it. Depot passes, bought during the pre-sale or for a future use have the validity marked at the bottom of the pass.
  • Daily and hourly ski passes permit a one-time access and return to/from the ski area by a cable car.
  • Hourly ski passes are valid on the day of purchase for the specified time period (+ 15 minutes for the cable car ride). Time starts when you pass the first turnstile. Return trip with the cable car can be made any time during the operating hours on the day of the purchase of ski pass, even after the skiing time period is over.
  • The pre-purchased ski passes (daily, 5 times daily pass in the season) are valid for two winter seasons. Hourly ski passes and seasonal ski passes are valid one winter season.
  • The user of a 5 times daily pass (flexible dates ski pass) can freely choose the skiing days until all days have been used up. The ski pass is transferable; only one ski pass per day can be used.
  • The advantages of daily family ski package are available for at most 2 adult persons (at least 1 adult + 1 child under 14,99) and children under 14,99 with an ID. Any additional discounts cannot be applied on family packages.
  • SKIALP daily ski pass allows you one time access and descent to / from the ski slope with the cable car and use of ski slope
  • for the purpose of climbing and descending during the operating time of the ski resort on the day of first use.
  • Multiple day ski passes are valid for the purchased number of days, in sequence from the first day of use of the ski pass.
  • The validity of each multi-day ski pass can be prolonged at prices valid on the day of the ski pass that the owner wants to prolong (valid for Krvavec).
  • Seasonal ski passes are not valid without holder's photo printed on it.
  • The validity date cannot be changed for already purchased ski passes, except in case of prolongation of the multiple days ski pass by additional payment.
  • The expired ski passes can have their validity prolonged by additional payment according to the price list. The newly issued ski passes are valid for one winter season and cannot be prolonged. Only those ski passes that have been issued by Krvavec (number on ski pass: 1-1700…) can be prolonged on Krvavec. For prolonging ski passes issued by Rogla (1-1703…) contact Unitur d.o.o.
  • The VIP Season Ski pass is a seasonal pass valid for the Krvavec Ski Resort and all age groups; pass provides VIP parking, VIP entry to the cable car, VIP entry to the 6-sitted chair lift and once a day coffee at Plaža terrace by the hotel. It cannot be combined with other special offers and discounts. It must include a photograph and is non-transferable.
  • The Season Ski Pass Monday-Friday is a seasonal pass valid for the Krvavec Ski Resort and all age groups; it is valid only during the week (Monday through Friday). It is not valid during the weekends and public holidays in Slovenia.. It must include a photograph and is non-transferable. From 15 of March ski pass is valid every day of the week. Failure to present the expired ski pass (chip) when a new ski pass is issued shall be subject to an extra 3 € charge for the chip. Ski pass has 70 – day snow guarantee.
  • Seasonal ski pass Krvavec with photo is valid every day of the week for skiing on Krvavec. Ski pass is not valid without a photo of the holder and is not transferable.
  • Seasonal family ski passes Krvavec are valid every day of the week for skiing on Krvavec. Ski passes are not valid without a photo and are not transferable. Ski passes can be used by families for up to 2 adults. These persons can be spouses, parents or life partners with children and/or youths who are registered and live in the same household. The advantage of family package can only be used when purchasing all passes at once with appropriate proof of residence at a common address and/or proof of family relations. Children from 6 to 14.99 years of age (born between 2008 and 2016) from a family that buys one of the family packages no. 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16. If there are several children of this age in the family, every child can receive an additional ticket. There are no additional discounts on the family package.
  • Seasonal ski passes are valid from the beginning of the official operation of the ski resort until the end of the season. The Krvavec seasonal skipass is considered used if the ski resort is open for 100 days. In case of a shorter operating time, seasonal ski pass holders are reimbursed a proportional share of 1% of the value of the season ski pass for each day of early closure of the ski resort within 15 days of the closure of the ski resort.
  • SKIALP seasonal ski pass with a cable car allows you access and descent to the ski slope with a cable car and use of ski slope for the purpose of climbing and descending during the operation time of the ski resort. This seasonal pass is valid on every day of a week for the Krvavec SKI resort and all age group. It must include a photo and is non-transferable.
  • Annual one-way cable car pass is made out to it's holder's name, has a photo and is non-transferable. It includes one cable car and one 4-chair lift ride per day. It cannot be used to transport a bicycle. It is valid from 1.10.2022 till 30.9.2023.
  • Seasonal one-way cable car pass is made out to it's holder's name, has a photo and is non-transferable. It includes one cable car and one 4-chair lift ride per day. It cannot be used to transport a bicycle. It is valid from the beginning till the end of 2022/2023 skiing season.
  • Official work pass with photo is issued on a name of the catering facility and on the name of their employee and it is not transferable. The pass is not a ski pass and permits only the transfer to the job post with cable car and chair lift.
  • * Children up to 5,99 of age (born in year 2017 and younger) may ski free of charge when accompanied by their parents. They receive their own ski pass (a deposit of 3,00€ is charged). Childrens' ski pass can be aquired by their parents when they buy their own ski pass or if they show us a valid ski pass purchased during presale or a seasonal pass. Personal ID from both is required. If the parent has only a cable car pass then the kid cannot get a free ski pass. Children that do not have a valid ski pass are not insured for any injuries while using ski lifts.
  • Children up to 5,99 years old (born in 2017 or younger) that ski alone and are not skiing in ski clubs, schools or courses with a trainer or leader need a valid children ski pass.
  • Children up to 14,99 years old (born in 2008 or younger) are entitled to buy a childrens' ski pass if they present a proof of their age.
  • Youth: children from 15 to 18,99 years old (born between 2004 and 2007).
  • Seniors over 65 years old (born in 1957 or before) are entitled to buy a senior ski pass if they present a proof of their age.
  • Visually impaired and their companions are entitled to a 50% discounted ski pass on the day of the purchase. Invalids of 1st and 2nd category are entitled to a 10% discounted ski pass on the day of purchase. Discounts can not be combined.
  • Upon presenting the status evidence, seniors, youth, children, disabled of I. and II. category and their companions, students and scholars, members of GRS, SZS, PZS, ISIA, ZUTS, IVSI, and members of the ski association of Slovenia are entitled to a discounted price for the ski passes specially marked in the price list. These ski passes are only valid with the proof of age or status.
  • Ski passes that cover a return cable car ride include one ride to the mountain and one ride back to the valley.
  • A skier wishing to be granted a discount must prove entitlement to discount by means of appropriate document (parents or accompanying persons the age of a child) if so requested by the cashier, inspector or any other authorized person.
  • Attendants from primary and secondary schools that lead their groups by themselves are entitled to one free ski pass for an attendant per every 20 children.
  • For organised groups every 21st ski pass is for free of charge.
  • During New Year's season (from 26. 12. 2022 till 2. 1. 2023) and winter vacation (from 30. 1. to 12. 2. 2023) multiple- day and school ski passes (open-air school) are not on sale. During these periods these passes are sold at regular prices, and daily school ski passes are charged at weekend prices.
  • "Night sledding" ski pass is not valid for skiing. It allows for an unlimited number of rides on a 4-seater chairlift Tiha dolina during times of organized night sledding ( Fridays and Saturdays, from 16.30 till 19.30 PM). The return to the valley from the ski resort is possible until the end of working hours of the cable car. In case of bad weather (snow, fog, wind) night sledding will be cancelled.
  • Ski passes are not valid drugin summer season.;
  • Ski centers issue ski passes without prior payment of its contractual partners only if the overdue receivables are settled.

3. Terms and conditions of online ski pass sale

3.1. General

  • The following terms and conditions shall apply to the purchase of ski passes on the websites: www.skipass.krvavec.eu (these terms and conditions also apply to the .si domains)
  • RTC Krvavec d. o. o. (hereinafter referred to as the "seller") shall enable the online shopping customer (hereinafter referred to as the "customer") to view the offer and the prices of the ski passes of Krvavec.
  • The customer shall receive the Purchase Confirmation Form to the indicated e-mail address. The pass shall serve as the Invoice.
  • Online shopping shall be available 24 hours a day.
  • Besides these terms and conditions, online shopping shall also be regulated by the general Conditions of Operations conducted by the seller, unless the following terms and conditions indicate otherwise.

3.2. Purchase

  • The website www.rtc-krvavec.si enables the purchase of all ski passes for the Krvavec Ski Resort, which are published in the official Price List for the Krvavec Ski Resorts. The seller reserves the right to sell specific passes with a discount only at the pass counter of the Krvavec Ski Resorts.
  • The customer must adhere to the Terms and Conditions of Online Ski Pass Sale prior to each individual purchase.
  • In order to make a purchase, the customer shall be obliged to enter his/her name, surname, address, contact telephone number, e-mail address and the delivery address. Legal entities shall also be obliged to enter the name of the company and the tax number.
  • The customer shall select the pass from the List of Ski Passes and add it to the Basket. The number of passes in the Basket is not limited. The Terms and Conditions of Ski Pass Sale shall apply to all ski passes. The customer may purchase ski passes for the current season. The ski pass shall be valid for two seasons (except all seasonal and hourly ski passes) starting from the date of its purchase (The date is indicated on the ski pass).
  • After completing the online purchase successfully a Purchase Confirmation Form, which will include all the information on the order, will be sent to the customer's e-mail address.

3.3. Payment, collection, delivery

  • The purchase may be paid by credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Diners) or with the payment order BN02 (or UPN). At payment by credit cards the customer must specify the 16-digit card number, the date of validity and the Card Verification Code (CVC – the 3-digit control number, written on the back of the card next to the signature).
  • Customer has to select whether the passes are delivered to his/her home address or are collected at Krvavec ski resort.
  • Collection of the passes at the resort is only possible with the proof of purchase sent to customer's email address.
  • In the event that the customer selects the home delivery option (in Slovenia), the total payment of the purchase shall include a postage fee in the amount of 3 EUR. Delivery to foreign countries (postage fee 5,00€) shall be performed only in the EU area, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Montenegro.
  • Each pass purchase shall be processed and sent off in 8 working day following the purchase or the authorisation of the payment. The delivery deadline of Pošta Slovenije is 3 working days. The envisaged deadline for deliveries made via the international traffic is 8 working days.
  • If in the purchase process the customer decides to collect the pass or a product personally, the seller shall not send the items, even if later requested to do so.
  • If the customer does not collect the ski passes sent by Registered Post and they are returned to the address of the seller, the customer may collect them personally from the seller without additional costs. The customer shall collect the ski passes from the ticket machine at the lower cable car station, except for seasonal passes which are collected from the cashier's office. The seller shall not resend the ski passes.

3.4. Liability, cancellation, replacement

  • The seller shall not be held liable if the customer does not receive the ski passes prior to the planned trip to the Ski Resort. The seller shall also not be held liable in the event of bad weather on the ski slopes on the arrival date.
  • The customer shall be held fully liable to collect the order sent by Registered Post, or collect it personally at the selected collection point.
  • The seller shall not be held liable if the customer loses the ski passes. Duplicates are charged for as per the price list.
  • The delivery shall be performed by Pošta Slovenije. The seller shall not be held liable for lost mail, misdelivery and the quality of delivery.
  • In the event of replacement of ski passes, the general Conditions of Operations shall apply.
  • Withdrawal from the purchase is possible within 14 days from the date of the delivery in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 98/2004). Reimbursement of the postage fee cannot be claimed.

3.5. Security and privacy of personal data

  • The seller shall enable secure shopping. Our websites ensure adequate protection against unwanted abuses. Online sales take place in the safe mode of the HTTPS Protocol, which uses the Secure Sockets Layer. The data is encoded with a 128-bit key, which makes it impossible to intercept the customer's data.
  • All customer's personal data shall be kept in the seller's database, apart from the payment card's details. The payment card details shall be processed by the relevant Bank's website and must be entered anew with each subsequent purchase. The payment card details shall be protected and processed by the relevant Bank, which provides for completely secure transactions, thus preventing any type of abuse.
  • All data indicated by the customer shall be owned exclusively by RTC Krvavec, d. o. o.. The data shall be secured in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 86/2004) and shall not be communicated to third parties unless otherwise provided by the law. The data shall be used only with the consent of the customer, namely in such a way that the seller ensures a smooth online shopping experience. If so requested by the customer the data shall also be used for the communication of notices, offers and novelties.

3.6. Miscellaneous

  • The pass is valid only within the context of the data written on it: pass type, pass validity
  • In the event of any complaints, cancellation of orders, claims and requests for additional information in relation to the online orders and purchases, please call the telephone number +386 (0)1 25 25 911 or send a message to the e-mail address [email protected].
  • The Purchase Confirmation Form which the customer receives at his e-mail address is not a valid pass, and the customer cannot use it instead of the ski pass paid for. Upon arrival at Krvavec Ski Resort, the customer shall be obliged to present the valid ski pass received by mail or collected personally at one of the collection points.
  • All prices are listed in EUR and include VAT. The prices may change without prior notice.
  • The prices listed under the online pre-sale of passes and goods are fixed irrevocably and shall apply only to the orders made online.



  • During operating hours of the resort claims related to ski passes are handled by cashiers at the lower cable car station or at the info office at the upper cable car station.
  • In case of an injury of a skier, the owner of a seasonal ski pass is entitled to a co-partial share of the refund of the purchase price in form of a credit note till 31.1.2023. A refund requires a medical certificate of injury and a season ski pass. For the injuries resulting after 31.1.2023 the co-partial share of the refund is not claimable.
  • In case of an injury of a skier the ski pass is refunded from the next day on. The paid amount is also refunded to one companion of the injured skier which had to leave the ski resort early to accompany the injured skier. There is no refund for daily and hourly ski passes.
  • The company does not refund the multi-day ski pass in cases of sickness, exception being the participants of the school program.
  • Purchased ski passes cannot be returned or refunded.
  • Lost or damaged seasonal ski pass can be replaced upon payment of expenses for the replacement. Lost seasonal ski pass is replaced upon presentation of issuing confirmation or identification card for the ski pass, within 7 days after reporting the loss.
  • The company does not issue refunds for lost ski passes.


  • Ski passes are non-transferable to other users except for transferable and 5x daily ski passes.
  • Use of the ski pass bought at a discounted price on the basis of appropriate proof of age or status is considered an abuse if used without identification documents.
  • Attempt or abuse of the ski pass and violation of the rules of safe skiing, are a reason for an immediate dispossession of the ski pass. Company officials are in charge for the dispossession of the ski pass.
  • For each day of the discovered abuse, the violator is obligated to pay the indemnity in the amount of the triple value of a daily adult ski pass and to deposit an appropriate warranty until the payment of indemnity (ski equipment).
  • For the ski pass abuse or the rules violation, the companies are entitled to report the violators’ penal act to the police or to justice.


  • Parking or use of parking spaces on the lower station of the cable car Krvavec is free of charge – the drivers must follow the traffic signalization and instructions of the staff.
  • It is forbidden to park on all access roads and private property.
  • The company does not assume any responsibility for the parked vehicles.


  • RTC Krvavec charges all advertising on the facilities, ski lifts and parking lots according to the price list. Self-willed advertising on facilities, ski lifts and parking lots is punished with a penalty in amount of 500EUR/m2 + VAT for each advertisement. Self-willed advertiser has to immediately remove the advertisement at its own expenses. Cleaning of leaflets or stickers that a self-willed advertiser will not remove on its own is charged with the payment of a double cleaning tariff.
  • If the company ascertain that the visitor caused damage to cable car or other device in the ski resort, the causer or its guardian is bounded to repay the damage. The company have a right to start a criminal procedure due to damaging foreign property and a right to sue for damages. Until the final damage estimate, the company may demand a deposit of 500 EUR from the causer or keep the ski equipment.
  • The company has a right to prohibit access to the ski resort for individuals or groups due to their previous violations of rules of conduct or safe skiing. The company prohibits access to the cable cars and slopes to people under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and people with inappropriate conduct. The company does not hold any responsibility for them and their actions.
  • Smoking, use of open fire and throwing of cigarette butts and litter is forbidden on all cable cars (due to fire danger on the lift path).


  • All ski lifts operate on a self-service principle.
  • The user of any ski lift must know how to safely enter and exit the installation.
  • If the visitors require help when taking the chair or ski lift, they should, on time, ask for help the assistant staff at the ski lift station.
  • Before entering the chair lift, snowboarders must obligatory undo one bind on the snowboard.
  • Operating time of the ski lifts and ski slopes is adapting to the daily weather and snow conditions (for example, in cases really soft snow, the hours of ski lifts are shorter in the afternoon, or in case of strong winds, the ski lifts are stopped, etc.)
  • The cable car to the ski resort Krvavec is operating full time during the days of a large number of visitors, and every half an hour when there are less visitors (e.g.: 10:00, 10:30, 11:00,…), from 17:00 till 20:00 every hour or when it's neccessery.
  • The visitors can order a special ride with the cable car out of the operating hours. The person placing this order pays the costs of the special start and cost of ski passes according to the price list.
  • During the season and during the spring skiing the company can, due to technical, organizational, economic or natural reasons, exclude individual chair lifts from operation and close certain slopes. This does not present a reason for a lower ski pass price.
  • The company reserves the right to change the operating hours of the cable car and ski lifts due to technical, organizational, economic or natural reasons.


  • Lifts: Skiing season 2022/23
  • Cable car: from 8:00 to 17.00 (from Monday till Thursday and Sunday)
    From 8.00 to 20.00 (Friday and Saturday
  • 4-chair lift Tiha dolina, 1-chair lift Gospinca: from 8:15 to 16.00
  • 6-chair lift Vrh Krvavca, 2-chair lifts Njivice 1, 2: from 8:30 to 16.00
  • 2-chair lift Kriška planina: from 8:30 to 16.00
  • 2-chair lift Zvoh, drag lift Luža: from 9:00 to 16.00
  • drag lifts Kržišče 1, 2: from 9:00 to 15.45


  • On ski lifts it is forbidden to transport children or pets in backpacks or on chest.
  • Luggage is transported free of charge for Hotel Krvavec and apatment house Muštrinka guests. Transport of luggage for everybody else is charged as per the price list (1,00€ / kg). The transport price does not include the help from company’s staff for loading and unloading and deliveries on Krvavec. Help and delivery can be agreed and paid separately.
  • The company does not accept any responsibility for late delivery and transport of irregularly packed load (damages, frost, etc.). The load has to be correctly packed and ready for transport on the ski lifts, and protected from alienation otherwise it has to be accompanied by the owner or his/her substitute.
  • The transport of hang-gliders and paragliders on Krvavec is permitted with the cable car and chair lift Tiha dolina.
  • Transport of pets is possible only by a cable car on the ski resort Krvavec. During the transport on the cable car domestic animals must be appropriately secured (strap, muzzle or basket).


  • Children up to 14 years of age are obligated to wear the protective ski helmet.
  • Grammar schools that organize sports days on Krvavec and book the ski instructors through RTC Krvavec for guiding the groups must beforehand compose a list of groups of children (at most 12 children per group) according to their skill of skiing, and give it to the instructor coordinator at the info office before the start of the sports day.
  • Group leaders and instructors are responsible for the safety of skiers in the groups.
  • Group leaders using the polygon for trainings and competitions must obtain beforehand the authorization from the manager of the ski resort and pay the use of training polygon. Group leaders and ski instructors must beforehand report their activity to the info office at the upper station of the cable car and obtain authorization and pay the fee for the slope use.
  • In cases of dangerous leading of the group, unreported training, polygon use, unreported ski instructing, the company can prohibit the continuation of activities on the ski slopes, and the ski passes are taken away from the group- without refund.
  • By purchasing the ski pass, the owner is insured for injuries and equipment or load damaging during the transport on all ski lifts and on the ski slopes, if the injuries occur due to negligence and guilt of the manager.
  • The company does not take on any responsibility for body injuries and equipment damaging of the ski pass owners and other individuals if the injuries occur as a consequence of: disobeying the conditions on the slopes, number of visitors, weather, snow quality, unadjusted ride, and are disobeying the FIS principles, signs and instructions of the lift manager, insufficient physical preparedness, insufficient sports equipment, skiing under the influence of alcohol and drugs, etc.
  • Skiers on the ski resort Krvavec use the facilities in the "FUN" park at their own responsibility. RTC Krvavec does not assume any responsibility for injuries in this area that occur due to the inexperience of users or due to the use of facilities in the absence of a trainer.
  • Claims, complaints, declarations of body injuries and injuries of equipment or cargo should be done on Krvavec at the info office on the upper station of the cable car to the supervisors on the ski slopes.
  • The conditions for a possible damage claim to the company are: presentation of a ski pass valid on the day of the injury and an official report of the ski accident on the ski slopes written by the ski resort supervisor immediately after occurrence.
  • We advise the visitors to bring with them a valid medical insurance card. In case of injury on the ski slopes the eventual ambulance transport to the hospital is free of charge only for individuals with a basic and supplementary coverage on their medical insurance. Other injured persons are charged the transportation according to the price list determined by the medical insurance company of Slovenia.
  • In case of causing the accident on the ski slopes the company reserves the right to start a penalty procedure or an offence procedure against the inducer.


  • For all activities on the ski slopes a consensus from the manager of the ski resort needs to be obtained beforehand.
  • For all commercial activities on the ski slopes a written consensus from the manager of the ski resort needs to be obtained beforehand and the fee according to the price list has to be paid.
  • Organized ski instructing on the ski slopes can only be performed by the professionals who beforehand obtain a written consensus from the company.
  • The organizer of event or competition on the ski resort is obliged to declare such events in advance to the competent administrative unit. Also beforehand, the organizer must make a contract with the ski resort manager about the settlement of relations for the use of the ski resort for event or competition, and must obligatorily present the declaration of the event or the competition.
  • Organizer of the event, training and competition must, at its own expense and with its own staff physically separate the part of the ski slope used for event, training or competition by tape from other slopes and physically separate it from the recreational surfaces (put warning signs!).
  • Before the beginning of the event or competition, the organizer must assure a rescue service, medical doctor and permission for the event organization from a competent administrative unit. It is advised to insure the participants of the competition or training. After the event, the organizer must remove all signs, security lines and other equipment from the ski slope.


  • Before using "Night sledding on Krvavec" each participant has to agree to these rules. Participants under 15 years of age must be informed of these rules by an adult.
  • Usage of the track for night sledding and 4-chair Lift Tiha dolina is associated with risks and is performed at participants' own risk. For liability of company Jecom Šport d.o.o. and RTC Krvavec d.o.o. see Safety, insurance and responsibility. Usage of the track for night sledding is permitted only within the marked lines and at the time as pre-determined by the operator respectively and organizer. Users of chairlift must observe the instructions of staff at the ski lift. Transport of skiers 4-chair lift Tiha dolina during the night sledding is not allowed!
  • The program "Night sledding on Krvavec" is suitable for participants older than 6 years of age who do not have mental and physical problems, and the use of "Night sledding on Krvavec" for them or for others constitute medical or any other hazard or risk. Children under the age of 15 may participate in "Night sledding on Krvavec" only in the company of responsible adults and must use a helmet.
  • All participants in the program "Night sledding on Krvavec" are obliged to follow the instructions of the organizer and FIS rules, which define the rules of conduct on the slopes.
  • For breaches of safety instructions of the organizer and FIS rules or operator the organizer does not assume any related claims.
  • The organizer reserves the right to require persons who fail to comply with these rules of use required to immediately stop using the track for night sledding and 4-chair lift Tiha dolina, authorized supervisor may, in accordance with the provisions of the law on safety on ski slopes participants withdraw a valid pass.
  • The organizer reserves the right to end the activity for the reasons of safety (fire, storm, storm, fog, wind, etc.). In such case reimbursement of the pass price is not possible. Reimbursement of purchased passes is also not possible if the participant voluntarily leaves the program "Night sledding on Krvavec".
  • Participation in the program "Night sledding on Krvavec" under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other agents that reduce the physical and mental fitness is not permitted.
  • Usage of sledding track outside opening hours without a valid pass is not permitted! Distancing outside the area in which night sledding is organised is at your own risk, after the start of activities organizer will control only sledging area, not the rest of the ski resort.


  • Before using the program "SKI touring on Krvavec" each participant has to agree to these rules. Participants under 15 years of age must be informed of these rules by an adult.
  • Tour skiers are ski resort users and must comply with the basic rules of the FIS.
  • Use of the ski slopes for the purpose for climbing and descenting with the tour skis is allowed only during the operation time of the ski resort.
  • Climbing and descenting is strictly prohibited outside the operation time of the ski resort.
  • Climbing is allowed only on the determinated routes for touring skiers.
  • If due to snow conditions or for some other reasons the climbing is not possible on the marked route, it is allowed to climb the edge of a ski slope, without crossing the ski slopes. In either case climbing is only allowed so that there is only one tour skier in the line.
  • Non-compliance to the climb rules is very dangerous for all participants in the ski slope and can be sanctioned by ski supervisors.
  • When descending tour skiers are equal participants in the ski area with other skiers and are obligated to take care of their safety and the safety of others.
  • The tour skiers without valid daily, season or SKIALP ski pass should not use the ski slope.
  • Night tour skiing is possible every Friday between 5:00 pm and 7:30 pm.


On the ski resort the skier must act responsibly for himself and for others in order not to threaten or injure himself, others or facilities. On the ski slopes only skiing is permitted.

  • The skier is obliged to follow the instructions of the ski resort manager, lift staff and rescuers, and must also follow the instructions on all warning and notice panels on the ski slopes and the FIS regulations, the legislation on ski resorts and lifts security in force.
  • IT IS FORBIDDEN TO ski in contradiction to the FIS rules, regulations of safety on ski areas, and to skip lines for lifts. The violation can be penalized with immediate dispossession of the ski pass without repayment. The company official is authorized for the ski pass dispossession.
  • IT IS FORBIDDEN TO ski on closed slopes, marked with a sign “SLOPE CLOSED” and skiing outside the prepared ski slopes.
  • IT IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN to trespass the wire fences, with skis or without them, because these fences protect the skiing area from the precipices and different kinds (also snow) overhangs and precipices. It is also FORBIDDEN to ski in woods, pines and outside the marked and settled slopes.

Emergency call, accident report, weather information, prices, etc +386 51 333 444

  • Rescue service and first aid operate continuously during the ski lifts’ operating hours and can be called from all marked sites. The rescuers monitor only prepared and open ski slopes. The rescuing and first aid on the closed ski slopes and outside the marked slopes is CHARGED to the injured person with a payment 250 EUR + VAT. In case of the ski pass abuse the violator involved in the accident must pay the rescue expenses.
  • Skiing on the ski lift path is not allowed. Ski lift paths can only be crossed on specially marked sites.
  • Walking and sledding are not allowed on the ski slopes.
  • Walking dogs with or without a leash is not allowed on the ski slopes.
  • Taking off and landing of paragliders and kites is not allowed on the marked ski slopes!
  • The skier must be prepared to encounter a snowmobile or a treader, especially on the paths marked for snowmobiles and treaders.
  • The snowmobiles on Krvavec can be driven on the road from Jezerce and Kriška planina, passing Gospinca to the log cabin in Tiha dolina (according to the regulation on prohibited driving of motor vehicles in natural environment).

Between 17:00 and 8:00 of the next day all ski slopes and areas are closed due to the grooming of the ski slopes (the treader ropes cross the ski slopes) and due to snowing up. During this time visitors of ski resorts use the ski slopes (for walking, skiing, etc.) at their own responsibility, use of slopes during this time can be hazardous to life. In any case, the visitors are obliged to take into account the instructions of the ski resort staff, as well as the sound and light signals on the machines.

  • The ride with snowmobiles is forbidden on the ski slopes (according to the law on safety on the ski slopes).
  • Recommendations for safe skiing of the Ski Association of Slovenia are an integral part of operating conditions.
  • Uniformed – visibly marked ski instructors of the Ski school with course participants can enter on specially marked ski lifts through specially marked passes.
  • Supervisors, uniformed staff, ski lift staff, rescuers on the ski slopes, police and their companions have priority when entering all lifts and facilities.

These operating conditions are composed and published in accordance with the regulation of the Article 54 of the law on cable facilities for person transportation (Ur.l.RS 126/03).


Date: 1st October 2022